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Endurance/ Burn in Testers

CDI Endurance Test System

This equipment is designed to conduct endurance test for DC CDI assemblies.  Test voltage for this preset at 12 V DC and test frequency from 10-200 cycles.  CDI is discharged through standard 8mm spark gap, which simulates real life load.   System uses state of art analog circuits to simulate the signal equivalent to magneto for  CDI.  This equipment is designed to test 100 units at a time.

RR Burn in System

This is a Burn-In system for DC Regulator, suitable to test 30/60  UNITS at a time.This is a dedicated system for conducting burn-in test for DC Regulator. Each unit is connected to variable load resistor. Test source for DC Regulator unit is settable. Load current can be  adjusted .  Elaborate cooling arrangement is provided to take away heat generated within the system. All power components in the system are designed for continuous operation. System is completely modular in construction & is mounted on trolley.

Switch Endurance System

 PLC Based test system.

 This system is designed to test handle bar switches for cyclic test.  

 System is broadly divided into three parts

 Pneumatic Fixtures for operating switches.

 PLC & software to control the total system.

 Interfacing from PLC to DUT  & interfacing PLC to Fixtures.

  Three independent user selectable platforms

Data logging of MV measurement