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 Flasher Relay Tester


Supply voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz.

Test voltage: 20 V DC max. Selected by means of Coarse and Fine  control.

Test Current: 2 Amp max. Adjustable by Coarse and Fine control.

LCD display: Alpha-numeric 16x 2 to display test parameters and test result.

LED display: For TEST ACTIVE, PASS and FAIL indication.

Test Request switch: To initiate test.

Load: Standard Lamp Load.

This is micro-controller based system designed for testing basic parameters of Auto Relay.  Equipment is factory programmed to test following parameters:

Start up time

Lamp Response Time

Duty cycle and number of counts per minute

mV Drop

One Lamp Outage condition

All above parameters are displayed on LCD display and final go-no-go result of tests is displayed on LED display.