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Relay Test er



Supply: 230 V AC, +/- 10%, 50 Hz

Test Supply: 24 V DC, 6 A.. (Options available)

  LCD Display to indicate: Mode: Program/Run

o Pull-In – 24.00 V DC {Max}

o Drop-Out – 24.00 V DC{Max}

o Relay contact error.

o Test Result: Test Active, Test Pass/Fail.

Accuracy: +/- 1%

Test Duration: 10 – 12 sec per   device.

This is micro-controller based programmable test equipment used to test all type of auto relay


1] Automatic tester to test PULL-IN &DROP-OUT for electromagnetic relay.  

2] Facility to pre set Go/No Go limits for Max , Min PULL-IN & Max,  Min DROP-OUT

3] 16 X 2 LCD Alphanumeric Display to indicate test parameters & test result.  

4] LED indication for PASS /FAIL.                       

5] External Test Pass signal for Punching.   

6] Protection against short circuit   

7] DIN standard table top

8] Facility to upload data o PC through RS-232 Port.